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08Al belongs to low carbon steel with carbon content of about 0.08%. Carbon steel with carbon content less than 0.25% is called low carbon steel, which has low strength, low hardness, good toughness and soft material, and occupies a large proportion in the fastener market. The company's products for 08Al material wire, with the product, designed a highly efficient technology.

In the pickling and phosphating process of 08Al, the following points should be paid special attention to:

1. Because of the low carbon content of 08Al wire rod, special treatment should be done in the pickling process to avoid excessive corrosion and over carbon precipitation of wire rod, which will affect the subsequent phosphating effect.
2. Before entering the phosphating tank, the pH value of the water should be kept at 6-10 to ensure that no other impurities are brought into the next process.
3. The data of phosphating tank should be kept within the parameters of product to ensure the quality of phosphating film.
4. All water washing tanks shall be kept full overflow.

Before the customers use our products, the phosphating film is uneven, the film is thin, the wire drawing sound die, cold heading scratch and other problems. After using our products and services, the situation has greatly improved. According to the customer's site conditions, we customized the targeted process flow, combined with the use of our products, scientific monitoring data, quantitative parameter indicators, the obtained product surface phosphating film is dense, the film weight is more than 8g / m2, clean and clean without dust, which can effectively carry out subsequent drawing and cold heading.

Using our products, the sediment is reduced by more than 50%. Before using our products, the sediment should be removed once every 7 days. After using our products, the sediment should be removed once every 15 days, which greatly reduces the cost of sediment treatment and labor cost. Customers are very satisfied with more efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection products.

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