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SCM435 is a Cr Mo alloy steel with carbon content of 0.33-0.38%. It has high static strength, impact toughness and high fatigue limit. Because SCM435 wire rods are used for cold heading forming high strength fasteners, the performance requirements of its phosphating film are very high.

In the pickling and phosphating process of SCM435, special attention should be paid to the following points:

1. SCM435 wire needs special treatment in the pickling process to avoid over pickling and over corrosion, which will affect the subsequent phosphating effect.
2. All water washing tanks shall be kept full overflow. Before entering the phosphating tank, the pH value of the water should be kept at 6-7, so as to ensure that there is no other impurity in the next process.
3. The data of phosphating tank should be kept within the parameters of product to ensure the quality of phosphating film.
4. Phosphating and saponification time should be adjusted according to wire specifications.

Wire rod, wire drawing, mold corrosion, not even before the use of our customers. In the process of drawing cold heading, the cost of die is very large. After our process treatment, its lubrication performance becomes excellent, and the loss of die is greatly reduced.

Customers said that after using our products, the phosphating film of wire rod is dense, and the surface is clean without powder. It can be drawn and cold heading very effectively to create high-quality high-end fasteners. And in the use of our products before a mold can only pull 5 tons of shaped wire, mold cost is very high. After using our products, a mold can pull at least 15 tons of shaped wire, greatly reducing the cost of the mold. The changing period of saponification tank has also been extended. In the past, 6000-8000 tons of wire rod must be replaced with saponification bath solution. After using our products, the once tank liquid can handle 15000-30000 tons of wire rod before replacement, which is more energy-saving and efficient.

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