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According to the classification of carbon content, high carbon steel refers to the steel with more than 0.6% carbon content. After proper heat treatment or cold drawing hardening, high carbon steel has high strength and hardness, high elastic limit and fatigue limit, and relatively low cold plasticity and toughness.

Due to the material characteristics of high carbon steel, its pickling and phosphating process is different from that of conventional medium and low carbon steel. Our YX-699 film agent series products are specially designed for high carbon steel. Since the products have been put into the market, customers have been using stably and giving good feedback. They have helped customers improve product quality and production efficiency, and have been recognized by the market.

Customer a is a conventional immersion acid pickling and phosphating process. The main material is high carbon steel with a diameter of 6.5 mm-12.5 mm. It is continuously drawn from 6.5 mm to 0.8 mm ~ 3.0 mm by water tank drawing. Our products are mainly used to solve three problems:

1. After drawing, the surface of wire rod is bright and there is no film. During the drawing process, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of film ringing and scratch. Moreover, the mold is easy to be damaged and the mold loss cost is high, which greatly affects the drawing efficiency.
2. The average consumption of phosphating solution is about 7.0 kg per ton of wire rod washing, and the cost is high.
3. There is a lot of sediment, and the consumption of accelerator is large. According to the daily washing amount of 200 tons, the slag should be cleaned once a week, and the amount of sediment is about 3.0 tons.

We analyzed the customer's situation: the main reason for the bright surface of wire rod without film is the poor adhesion of phosphating film, and the phosphating film is easy to fall off during the drawing process, resulting in mold loss and even damage to the mold.

In order to improve the current situation of customers, our company has customized the targeted process flow according to the site conditions of customers, used our products, quantified the standard of each tank liquid in management, and monitored with data.

Finally, the phosphating film has strong adhesion and good compactness. After drawing, there is still a uniform phosphating film on the surface of wire rod, which can meet the requirements of stable full speed continuous multi-mode drawing. At the same time, the consumption of accelerator is reduced, the concentration is adjusted from 2.5pt ~ 3.0pt to 1.0 ~ 2.0pt, and the phosphating sediment is reduced by more than 50%. Now the slag is cleaned every two weeks, and the amount of sediment is only about 2.0T.

Through one month's stable production, the statistics show that the consumption of phosphating solution is 5.1kg per ton of wire rod, which is fully in line with the expectation of customers. Customers are very satisfied with the joint improvement of product quality and production efficiency, and they also recognize our efficient and energy-saving environmental protection products.

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