Application and analysis of phosphating solution

The application of phosphating solution

① Phosphating film is used for corrosion protection of steel parts. The phosphating solution can be used zinc phosphating solution and manganese phosphating solution. The mass of the membrane unit area is 10-40 g / m2. After phosphating, apply rust proof oil, anti rust grease, anti rust wax, etc.

② Phosphating film for the bottom of paint

Increase adhesion and protection between paint film and steel workpiece. The phosphating film type can be zinc system or zinc calcium system. The unit area mass of phosphating film is 0.2-1.0 g/m2 (for the base layer of large deformation steel parts); 1-5 g/m2 (for the base layer of general steel paint); 5-10 g/m2 (for the paint base of steel parts without deformation).

Phosphating film for lubrication

The film weight of steel wire and welded steel pipe is 1-10 g/m2 per unit area; that of precision steel pipe is 4-10 g/m2; the film weight on the unit area of cold extrusion forming of steel parts is greater than 10 g / m2.

Phosphating film for friction reduction

Phosphating film can reduce friction. Generally, manganese phosphating solution is used, and zinc phosphating solution can be used. For the workpiece with small dynamic fit clearance, the phosphating film quality is 1-3 g/m2; for the workpiece with large dynamic fit clearance (gearbox gear), the phosphating film quality is 5-20 g/m2.

Phosphating film for electrical insulation

Zinc phosphating is generally used. It is used for phosphating of silicon chips in electric motors and transformers.

Analysis of common problems:

For example: phosphating liquid slag is many, easy to yellow, can return rust, phosphating solution consumption is fast, environmental protection, dark sink. Phosphating of iron and steel is mainly used for corrosion protection and paint film.

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