Phosphating solution production enterprises should quickly open the road of green development

The structural reform and new technology reform of industrial enterprises in China have entered the fast track. The outline of 13th five year plan and "made in China 2025" and "industrial green development plan" of Ministry of industry and information technology have put forward clear development direction and transformation targets for enterprises. If the industrial enterprises do not want to forge ahead, maintain the current situation and arbitrarily destroy the environment, they will be eliminated without any care. This is the great wave of industry, and enterprises should open the road of green development.
In addition to the improvement of their own products, it is necessary for industrial enterprises to avoid air pollution and water pollution consciously in the process of production and processing. This is not only the social responsibility of enterprises, but also the strict requirements of the national industrial upgrading and environmental transformation. Because of the confusion of chemical products, there are doubts in the face of new technology, and they dare not try, which has caused many enterprises to maintain the status quo of treatment technology and product quality for many years, without any progress.

Meet the necessary conditions of new green and environmental protection technologies:

1) Lower operating cost, more concise operation and process;

2) More energy saving;

3) The water consumption is greatly reduced and the wastewater is easy to be treated;

4) The quality of products is obviously improved and consumption is reduced;

5) Scientific index control and detection method;

6) It has good supporting performance and can provide perfect solutions;

7) It has been verified by many industries;

8) It has various performance test data and scientific detection methods with third party detection or unit. If the third party test cannot be carried out without national standards, the scientific test results of the unit are not impossible to be adopted.

We must understand that green and high-performance new technology chemical products are not at the expense of the profits and efficiency of the enterprises. Unlike machinery and automation equipment, chemical products do not need to invest more money.

Dongguan Yingxing focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of special phosphorus saponification products for cold plastic processing, which can provide the following new products: no acid pickling phosphating solution, electrolytic phosphating solution, online phosphating solution, environmental cleaning agent, etc.

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