Environmental protection requirements of phosphating solution products become more stringent

1) How about the development of phosphating solution industry?
From the end of 2008 to now, the anti-dumping investigation of fasteners in the EU has become the biggest hot spot in the industry, and the game between the domestic fastener industry and the EU has become increasingly hot. On March 27, 2015, the European Union made a sunset review on the anti-dumping of steel fasteners against China, extending it for another five years. This decision has seriously affected the export of China's fastener products and damaged the legitimate rights and interests of China's relevant industries. In the EU fastener anti-dumping cases which lasted for more than seven years, China's export-oriented fastener enterprises have been hit the most. The EU market accounts for about 50% of the total export market. Although export enterprises are also actively improving product quality and striving for transformation and upgrading, half of the export market is affected. For enterprises, it is a big blow, even affecting upstream and downstream suppliers. The overall quality requirements of the metal surface treatment industry should be improved, and the environmental protection requirements for film products are stricter.

2) Low end product overcapacity
China's fastener production accounts for a quarter of the global output, but most of them are low-strength and low-grade products, among which standard parts below grade 8.8 account for about 45% - 50%. In the environment of high price of raw materials, low-grade standard overcapacity has become a stumbling block for the development of the whole fastener industry. The excess production capacity of fastener enterprises is bound to intensify the price competition of the industry, and then cause the decline of industry profits. In the current situation, fastener enterprises should speed up the product structure adjustment, optimize the film agent supplier resources, control the investment scale, reduce the non production expenditure, and take the road of differentiation.

3) The phenomenon of "labor shortage" is common
In recent years, with the recovery of the industry market, especially China's fastener industry is in a stable growth period, and is also a labor-intensive industry, labor shortage or normal. As the fastener industry is a labor-intensive industry, the mobility of migrant workers is very strong, and the local labor force can not fully meet the needs of factory start-up. The big employment gap, especially the shortage of skilled workers, is still a problem faced by fastener enterprises. In the future, the competition of economy, market, products and enterprises, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents and wisdom. Talents and wisdom are the biggest resources for any enterprise to survive and develop.

With the continuous extension of the business scale, business scope and industry boundary of fastener enterprises, on the one hand, fastener enterprises should continue to strengthen the high-end product manufacturing industry, on the other hand, they should continue to expand the logistics and distribution modern service industry, and encourage, cultivate and introduce fastener enterprises in the future in professional technology, business management, marketing, modern material flow and computer information network The leading figures in technology and other aspects will still be the outstanding problems that fastener enterprises need to continue to pay attention to.

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