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One heart, ability to work, share fate, work happily, live happily! Remember Yingxing Tourism Group

At noon on November 19, 2021, all Yingxing partners gathered in the factory with passion. Starting from the joy of reunion and warm greetings, we started this warm, happy, and full of positive energy tourism group building activities. trip.

First stop: visit the new base in Shaoguan
With the company’s continuous development and growth, under the company’s five-year strategic plan and the wise leadership of the two patriarchs Chen Dong and Shi, the construction of our new intelligent factory in Shaoguan is proceeding in an orderly manner according to the plan. With Mr. Shi’s on-site explanation, we learned about the future work and living environment in advance, clarified our goals for progress, and strengthened our belief in persisting in striving for our dreams.

To Through the hard work of all Yingxing people for more than 20 years, we are about to build an intelligent new factory, a high-end national R&D laboratory, introduce standardized modern management, and improve a higher level of technical services. Yingxing will enter a new development. At this stage, we will not forget our original intentions and dreams, and we will enter a new journey together!

Second stop: Shaoguan development team building activities
1. Challenge 99 (same as above and below, move flowers and trees, untie the bracelet, Yingxing has me more exciting)

2. 60 seconds haste

3. Roman Fort

4. Bumper ball

5. Human LOGO

6. Do it yourself, get plenty of food and clothing

The third stop: Relaxation in Jinglulun Hotel

Fourth stop: Prayer to Nanhua Temple

The three-day and two-night team building activity ended successfully. This event was rich in content and fun. The Yingxing partners went all out, bursting out a strong cohesion, creating a positive atmosphere for Yingxing people, and learning a lot. Valuable spiritual food: intention, responsibility, communication, collaboration, action, teamwork, etc.
The itinerary is fleeting, from the testimony of the new base in Shaoguan, the enthusiasm of the expansion exercise to the leisure and relaxation of the Jinglulun Hotel, the pious visit to Nanhua Temple, the company’s intentional arrangements, and the Yingxing family’s mutual hardship and dedication. "One heart, capable of carrying out, sharing destiny" has penetrated into the hearts of all Yingxing people. The short break is to move forward better, and continuous progress will prompt us to better serve our customers. In the days to come, we Yingxing people will be more focused and courageously moving forward!

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