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Down to earth, happy to play and happy growth

Work, not all in all kinds of phosphorous saponification, wire rod all day long busy, but also live up to the fun and passion of the time; in this autumn rhyme rippling day, Yingxing partners went to a sea sky feast full of energy and vitality.

Yingxing friends get together early, travel light, happy start!

Through simple and interesting links, we can find the precious things forgotten by time: will, passion and vitality!

Here, there are sunshine, beach, waves, speedboats, and a group of handsome men and beauties who engage in phosphating solution

The partners are innovative and actively involved, and the fun is endless. Unconsciously, the cohesion of the team and the harmony between colleagues are also rising.

When the night comes, the sea breeze is gentle, the waves sound, the friends barbecue karaoke on the beach, and the whole lamb is roasted with fragrance. Everyone is laughing and talking and holding hands to have a bonfire Carnival!

A group of people, a road, adhere to go on! It's not easy to be together, to light up life, not to give up, to live a good time!

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