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Review of Dongguan Yingxing - China · Shanghai International Fastener Industry Fair

The 2020 China Shanghai International Fastener Industry Expo was opened in Shanghai Expo exhibition hall on November 3, 2020, which lasted for three days and ended perfectly on November 5, 2020. This year, the situation of fastener industry is particularly complex due to the influence of many factors at home and abroad. However, with the opening of the new pattern of "double cycle" of the country, fastener as the foundation of manufacturing industry and upstream and downstream industries will meet more market demand. As an international fastener professional exhibition based on China, radiation Asia and full-scale vision, the International fastener Industry exposition is held, which is a great deal. The company has improved the confidence of the industry development, and established an efficient technology and business exchange platform for enterprises in all links of the fastener industry chain at home and abroad, helping more enterprises seize new opportunities and promote the high-quality and steady development of fastener industry.
The exhibition area of the Expo is 40000 square meters, and there are nearly 1650 standard booths. The exhibits include fastener equipment, mould and consumables, design, technology and service, standard fasteners, industry-specific fasteners, stamping parts and lathe parts, fastener materials and fastener e-commerce.

Yingxing company has put forward the slogan of "high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving" at the exhibition, actively responds to the national environmental protection policy, and is committed to research and develop more environmental friendly and energy-saving metal surface treatment materials, such as energy-saving environmental protection film agent, electrolytic phosphating solution, environmental protection lubricant, etc., which has been praised by domestic and foreign customers.
At the exhibition site, an endless stream of customers came to Yingxing company's booth for consultation. Under the leadership of Mr. Chen and Mr. Shi, every Yingxing person brings every customer with warm smile, professional introduction and warm service, and truly implements Yingxing's enterprise values (user first, quality first) into every detail.
In the busy exhibition leisure, our lovely colleagues in front of the camera, showed a sweet smile, thumbs up, this is also our own pay and harvest during the exhibition affirmation, for you! One mind, can do, common destiny! Let's come on together!

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