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2020 we gather strength, sublimate and surpass again!

Looking forward to, looking forward to, finally ushering in the passionate opening of "Yingxing company's 2019 year-end thanks dinner party", Yingxing's colleagues ushered in a moment full of hope and happiness with the most enthusiastic smile and full state!At 18:08 PM, the host announced: Yingxing · 2019 year-end thanks dinner officially started!

"Hero" together, a kind of spontaneous pride expressed! Mr. Chen, general manager of Yingxing, stepped onto the stage with warm applause and delivered a congratulatory message to the party.

Mr. Chen said:when we have no time to take into account the passage of time, the pace of the 2020 Spring Festival has quietly arrived. First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and blessing to you: looking back on the past year, although the market environment is not very optimistic, all colleagues are not afraid of hardships and make unremitting efforts. The company has still achieved healthy and steady development! Yingxing's growth and development are created by everyone together. Thank you for your hard work!
Every winner deserves his name. Looking forward to the new year 2020, let's turn this passion into a driving force and move towards higher goals. In the coming year, more colleagues and bigger awards will be waiting for us.

This year is a full year for our company. The company has prepared a huge bonus for the red envelope lottery. In order to let the lucky god care for everyone here, the initial red envelope winning rate of the company is 43%. With the general manager Chen, Shi, Huang, Su Xia and Shi, the winning rate is more than 128% In the last part, Mr. Shi took out 5000 yuan in cash in his own name to comfort the company's employees, making all the partners happy, and also making the atmosphere of the party's lottery to the climax.

In Yingxing's big family, all the staff are versatile, and the performance of the evening can be described as wonderful and overwhelming. There are not only skits for practical use, Thanksgiving songs, perfect combination of Guqin and song and dance, hot youth dance, and inspiring sign language dance...

The year of 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the birth of the people's Republic of China. The general manager of Yingxing company sang a song "I and my motherland", which made the whole audience waving the five-star red flag. The atmosphere was harmonious and exciting, and we wish our great motherland prosperity together!

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